Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Copenhagen Furniture: a Desire to Inspire

Here’s to the start of our blog. We are lovers of the interior. We believe home planning and interior design, or the art of interior architecture, has the capacity to affect and shape our lives. It is a medium for self expression and one that has limitless possibilities, whether it is a modicum of it or an entire concept you wish to put into place throughout your home. While a well designed and considerate home interior can provide positive reinforcements for how you live your life, we feel a poor designed and sporadically designed space can do just the opposite and can undermine and reinforce negatives in your life. Have you ever met someone who is at home and in a bad mood and said, “I hate this place!”? Don’t be that person. Our goal is to have you be the person that is in a bad mood and says, “Well at least I love this place!” We therefore wish to emphasize our desire to inspire. Our goal is to facilitate a forum for fans of Copenhagen Furniture of Colorado and its patrons, as well as design buffs everywhere.

As a retailer of high end Danish and Scandinavian furniture, we have had the pleasure of working in a challenging, artistic and dynamic industry. The furniture industry, especially the high end section, is keenly associated with the fashion industry. At times, furniture design can even launch fashion trends, or in the very least, augment them. As we build our blog, look for various articles about Danish Modern, Mid Century Modern, authentic and inspired Scandinavian furniture, interior design approaches for the do-it-yourself-er, inspirational photos, and personal opinions. We will also occasionally feature articles on simple maintenance and/or small things you can do to extend the life of your investment in high quality Danish and Scandinavian furniture. If you have article suggestions or questions, things to add, or things you even disagree with, please contact us at the links provided at: www.copenhagenfurniture.net or www.copenhagenfurnitureofcolorado.com

With that introduction, let the blog begin. I'll start off by saying that I think the one thing one can do to improve ones life is to love ones life. The ultimate way to achieve happiness is to begin by loving oneself. This is easier said than done. Sometimes life just throws us curve balls and we get frustrated as the weight of bad news or bad experiences weigh on our shoulders. But however we live our lives, and at whatever point we are in with our lives, love and a big heart is a key component for success. We all define love in our own terms. Whether it is the love of family, friends, or ice cream. But for now, I will focus on our inner selves. The inner love we feel for ourselves is a great starting point. Is it easy to love ourselves? For some people yes; for some people no. Life is a learning process and hence I have begun, at least in mine, only now to understand the value of learning to love myself. A part of that love comes from how we see the world and how we feel inside about ourselves. This, in turn, manifests itself into how we in- and outwardly take care of ourselves, treat others and yes, how we treat our surroundings. Our blog purpose will look at just that and as such will mostly focus on our surroundings. It will be centered on my passion for quality design and furniture. We all have something in our surroundings that mean a lot to us. It is only natural and part of our biological makeup to associate something that evokes a feeling, spurs a memory, or gives you just a sense of calm and peace. Our surroundings have an innate ability to affect our mood and our sense of self. I do think we need to strike a proper balance, but I feel it is important to love our surroundings and show appreciation for what they mean to us and how they affect our lives.

I think we are living in a society that is questioning itself and still trying to establish and define itself. It is constantly challenging us, debating us, and pushing us to think and ponder. We are an ever-changing value and moral driven society under lots of pressure, which, at least for me, makes for an exciting and bright future because we are pushing the envelope. In the very least, I am trying to convince myself of this truth. This is not the truth everywhere. There are events that constantly challenge our beliefs in lots of ways. Events that often give us pause and make us worry about the future. But it is in this challenge and pause that I am finding strength. For I know that when something bothers me I am learning to take a moment and look with different eyes. I know I am growing and learning still. I know I am questioning and hopefully can add to the great debate that is going on collectively. Just like Plato once considered that the only reality was the collective idea that we existed. That was the only thing that was real, for, he argued, it is only the ideas that continue on in our mortal world. His premise and postulations argued that we cannot cheat death, but our beliefs and thoughts can because they become part of the collective conscience of humanity at large. We all add to a collective thought and discussion in our own way. It’s a fascinating and inspiring idea that can solidify your own inner power to realize you are a part of creating a collective conscience with everything you do. Everything you say, everything you debate, and every step you take in your life becomes a part of the great collective idea of us all at large and creates a sense of our connection with each other transcending all borders. Does it mean we all agree? No. And I think the best part about that is it is exactly what makes life so varied and exciting. Some ideas we agree with, some we don’t, some we argue about and some we condemn. All of our thoughts become part of this reality of the greater good. It is just an interesting consideration that I throw out there as I look to understand what it is I/we do in our company and what its place is amongst all the fish in the sea.

Looking at life with passion, optimism and fervor is not only a good thing, but I believe it is an obligation on our part for our children and our own future. It is with this passion for how we live in our surroundings and our relationship with our external world, that this blog will be centered. It is in no way stressing importance on things and meant to displace the importance of the internal love in our lives as the most important aspect in my opinion, hence the introduction; however it is placing focus on how a healthy considerate home interior environment and space will augment and inspire our daily living and highlight each of our unique qualities, creativity, health, and outlook. The relationship between how we live externally can have profound affects on how we feel internally. As such, I hope it sheds light on why I feel it is such a crucial part of life. My desire is to inspire you to Live Danishly; to underscore the passion I feel for considerate, expressive and comfortable surroundings


  1. I like your phylosophy of loving one's self and about how we live externally can have an affect on us internally. I believe this also.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and following, I will do the same for you. I wish you great success in your sales!

  2. I love the part about the effect of colors. I always choose my notebooks' covers carefully so the the color corresponds with the feel of the story. (sorry. What can i say? I'm a writer.)
    I'll start following your blog, although you may see my name as bookscarf.