Sunday, July 12, 2009

Deciding Style, The Initial Steps

We all want a nice place to live. Some are not as interested as what it looks like or how things are organized or presented, some enjoy an organized but lived in look, while still others are meticulous in their presentation and placements where everything has its place. There are no rules that dictate you; however we will present articles here to help you to create harmony in your home. It is your home though, so make sure it reflects who you are, how you are, and it fits your particular tastes. Our desire is to inspire you to have the goal of being comfortable at home and most importantly, to enjoy your home to its fullest potential with your own true style. Start by grabbing a pen and a pad of paper and brainstorm. Just as any great work begins, brainstorming is a great tool. Answer the following questions to help guide you to decide on your unique sense of style.
  • 1. What do I really like about my home’s interior?
  • 2. What are my favorite colors?
  • 3. What is my lifestyle? Do I have guests, like dinner parties, cozy reading spots?
  • 4. What is a favorite piece/accessory that I have and why?
  • 5. What styles do I like?
  • 6. Why do I like them?
  • 7. What message do I want to convey to me, my family/friends, my guests?
  • 8. What interests do I have?
  • 9. What things do I have that I like? (furniture, accessories, etc.)
  • 10. What things do I want to change?

This should get you started. You can add more questions if you like.

Next, search magazine articles or websites and print out and keep design ideas that inspire you or interest you in a folder labeled Desire to Inspire. If you want you can put our name on top, Copenhagen Furniture, that way it will be really cool and everyone will know you are because we are so very cool! Confident aren’t we? Don’t worry if the pictures are disjointed, different or varying, just worry about getting ideas that you think are cool or neat. Don’t forget to add things like accessories, lamps, area rugs, or hobbies.

Visit our website and click on our shop links. Many inspiring images have been collected and put on there through diligent work by Jody. Additionally our Facebook page at Copenhagen FurnitureofColorado will house a continuing collection of inspiring photos and ideas. There will be a briefing of various design styles as well. You are never locked into a specified theme or distinct style and you can always create your own look. Think of your home as a blank canvas awaiting your masterpiece and your concept of what you think your world should look like. You could pick a particular piece of art, lamp, or accessory that uniquely describes your personality or reflects how you want to feel at home. If you are still struggling, we found a great style quiz (click here) that can narrow it down for you to give you further direction.
We focus on contemporary and transitional designs, but this site can really help define what you want to accomplish. Once you have determined this, you can now begin to set a mood for your home or room. We will talk more about color and its’ psychology in the next article coming soon.

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